Accepted Papers

The SOBRES program commitee has accepted the following papers for presentation at the workshop:
1Terasa, Clemens; Schupp, Sibylle: Annotation-Guided Soft-Error Injection
2Döbel, Björn; Härtig, Hermann:Where Have all the Cycles Gone? - Investigating Runtime Overheads of OS-Assisted Replication
3Hoffmann, Martin; Dietrich, Christian; Lohmann, Daniel:Failure by Design: Influence of the RTOS Interface on Memory Fault Resilience
4Rana, Rakesh; Staron, Miroslaw; Berger, Christian; Hansson, Jörgen; Nilsson, Martin; Törner, Fredrik:Improving Fault Injection in Automotive Model Based Development using Fault Bypass Modeling
5Heinig, Andreas; Korb, Ingo; Schmoll, Florian; Marwedel, Peter; Engel, Michael:Fast and Low-Cost Instruction-Aware Fault Injection
6Borchert, Christoph; Schirmeier, Horst; Spinczyk, Olaf:Return-Address Protection in C/C++ Code by Dependability Aspects
  Last modified: 2013-09-03