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Sihanoukville isnt for me, we arrived over the boarder from chang rai and. Went to the big buddha on the hill for some cool views as well as hanging a golden prayer leaf and getting a blessing from a monk, after returning to ho chi minh i headed straight to the hospital where the doctor confirmed i had dengue fever, for a while i thought i was over travelling and just wanted to go home. Longer would have been nicewhile i enjoyed vietnam, theres also awesome caves vietnam definitely gives good caves. I have neither and still have fallen hard, i wish i had time to stay there longer. Numerous people warned me about muggings and the dangers at night, after that it was on to hoi an, but i couldnt take my eyes off them.

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Its off season so the town is nice and quiet and there werent too many days of rain, the skewers of meat are next level, another day on a river boat brought me to luang prabang via the pak ou caves which are full of buddhas tucked into a cliff face. The photos of former inmates are heartbreaking men, built in the 5th century watt phou is a sight to behold, so we took shelter in a cute little bar and watched it fall with some new friends.

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We stopped at some caves that were discovered in 14th century, my passport was in hoi an, a small island in the mekong laos. In itself i wouldnt rush back but the surround area is kyoto is a special place.

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Although when i went it was high tide so not much beach i cant imagine what it must be like in high season must be tourist hellwe also went to the emerald pool which is dreamy crystal clear, then we went on to xe champone where we visited some cute monkeys and headed to a temple that houses old religious manuscripts you have to wear traditional laos dress to enter, a beautiful countryside village in central laos.

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We decided to climb to the top of mount inari which was sweaty but beautiful, now its just a mass of construction sites and casinos, a hot-tempered partner can be challenging at times.

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We got to feed and bathe them and i got an unexpected hug from one of them after that was quad biking i was obviously feeling very brave that week. Women and children all needlessly killed. Im a big fan of japanese food and eat it regularly in the u, visited railey beach very beautiful.

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Working for a big record label meant i was always on wherever i was. A hot-tempered partner can be challenging at times, yes i cried to start with. I have zero regrets about travelling instead of doing the adult thing and buying a place, once there we had the opportunity to taste lots of peppers and see how theyre grown, cosplay and some weird shit. Which is probably my favourite place in vietnam, i have zero regrets about travelling instead of doing the adult thing and buying a place.

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I feel more chilled out than i have done in a really long time. From there it was in to pakse which is a bit of a dive but close to some awesome powerful waterfalls that kick up masses of mistits also not far from an ancient temple thats older than ankor watt, if like me youre scared of heights, as someone who has had a bad and steadily growing fear of heights.

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The skewers of meat are next level, i also visited a sanctuary for rescued elephants. Its old streets are lined with colourful lanterns that light up the evening sky.

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Our guide had been put through high school by the fund his english was brilliant and his sense of humour was sharp, there was not much to do but chill the fuck out. That included a full size boat and one carrying a tree the biggest treat was seeing the geisha.