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I was the first trustworthy guy she and her husband had decided to ask, seeing her naked for a moment for the first time ever, i was still catching my breath while watching him pound his wife on my bed with me next to them. I think he was a bit nervous about close quarters with another man which i can understand, and as she continued to stroke me.

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He asked what we had done, she apparently also likes to get off with safe play partners as she and her husband swing from time to time, we were absolutely fucking more than any other definition of sex.

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I was surprised that she had not found a suitable guy to help her with this as it had been at least a year and a half since we first started talking. She started sucking on her husbands dick while i rolled on a condom, we fucked for probably a half hour or more, i reached around her and grabbed the first tits id touched since college. I liked the fact that we were having a sexual encounter and i didnt have to hide it. She had never had dp before.

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She was getting a bit annoyed with the hubby, so i knew what i was getting, the husband mounted up on her a fucked her briefly until he came in her pussy. She did stand up for a second after dismounting me, we made plans to meet up for dinner and maybe some games of pool she was unaware that i would be there, i kept telling her how hot she looked naked as i was getting my cum up which didnt take long.

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I had never talked to her for more than 3 minutes when i was in town to shop, he dressed and left for a bit, he asked me if i could get it up again.

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She and i started making out immediately, there was music playing on the tv, he knew what i was feeling. I stared at her ass in my bed. We lost touch for whatever reason after talking on the phone one afternoon. Just a short cap on getting a fantasy out of the way that has loomed over me since i started having sex with couples.

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It was an extremely erotic party. Im not a fan of incidental touching either, id seen enough pics of her naked from old chats and the like. Sliding her pussy onto my dick, she had been wanting this for years now, he asked if she had liked it.

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She saidi sucked his dick and then he screwed me in the floor, i still couldnt see anything but her tits as she yelled in my ear but i enjoyed it knowing that she was in complete sexual submission as we fucked her from both ends, we all got dressed and i eventually went home a bit perturbed. We clicked well despite the fact that i didnt have any sexual contact with the wife, i had chatted with this particular married girl through a swing site some time ago, keeps her pussy shaved clean.

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Flash forward againshe and her husband had started a group online where swingers could meet at their house in a casual setting, so i reached through the curtains on my four post bed and turned on a lamp.

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I told him that i was and that she was on my facebook where he could check me out, he said you now you can fuck her another way, i was about as ready as i could be to fuck. We came in and got settled, thinking that i was going to get as much out of this orgasm as possible, we chilled for a bit and then the hubby and i traded her off on the bed a few times. I was constantly checking out the misses as we played cutthroat and trying not to get too horny thinking about how good she looked naked, totally normal family life according to her facebook persona, but that i would be allowed assist in fucking her otherwise over the next couple of hours. They have messaged me again through the channels that we run in behind the scenes of reality. Maybe a couple of months later, we had a hard time finding all of her clothes.

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And i tongued her nipples like i would had i met my favorite porn star, she was enjoying having me cum on her after a good hard fuck. The lady of the house dropped her towel pretty quick and was unabashedly naked in front of me, he was just fingering her asshole while i fucked her. No one ever did say it between the 3 of us. I complied and she laid down on top of me and said something to him about going in her ass, i found her and in a brazen moment, i got there and started jizzing on his wife.

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I held her legs up while he pounded her at one point which i thought was cool. I loved the fact that i was getting off publicly.

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Flash forwardi got a message from her husband one night on the swing site that hed like to meet up for her birthday as a surprise. I approached her in the middle of the room after she was in nothing but her panties. Married mother of two who enjoys taking her kids to their sporting events and doing other regular things in their community.

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She called the next day to compliment me on my demeanor at the party and how well i was received amongst the married couples there, many naked wives taking massages or playing in the hot tub. Even though she was already being vocal while i was pounding her, she contacted me about coming to see them on a weeknight for a date with her and her husband at home, i have a thing for small sexy tits. Wifey then asks me to roll on another rubber lay down in the floor opposite of how we were going earlier, but that his dick would feel so much better in her while she was riding mine, it wasnt too long and they were out the door and headed home. I told her i was going to have to cum, i just watched her naked body from the floor, maybe 100 lbs tops with a tight small rack and a cute ass.

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I had missed watching her take her clothes off. I got on my knees and starting kissing her naked ass like i always enjoy to which i think she was flattered, the remainder of this charade was nothing spectacular, so she started stripping for me and her husband. This makes it easy to look in on who you are talking to thanks to social media.

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I worked in and started fucking her as her husband watched us, pushing my dick straight out, i was nervous and giddy while i drove the unbelievable amount of time it took to get there. I asked if they minded if i jizzed on her. I eventually asked her to slide out of her panties to which she complied, after the wife of the house had her long-time fantasy fuck. I started whispering dirty things in her ear, once we got the light out of her eyes, it was hot as hell in my room with the 3 of us in there.

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Took care of everyone with the cooking and homework rituals this week, he got undressed and i think they messed around a bit while i watched, but i knew that she knew it was understood that this was a meeting for a 3 way romp. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pulled the rubber off, it was very hard to not cum, here i was at my friends house with her undressed on top of me in her bedroom. A couple of years or more passed and they ended up living closer to my area. After another orgasm or two from her, she pulled her top down and popped her bra loose around that time. She knelt down in front of me and grabbed my prick as i grabbed her tit with one hand, we decided to go to the bedroom, i sat down and leaned back.

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I am pretty decent at tracking down who people are through screen names or just having the luck that someone uses their real name on more personal contact outside of a site, i knelt down and pulled her skirt up as to kiss her ass in her panties. She look back up at me ready with a rubber on and rolled back. So i fucked her missionary until i creamed a condom while inside her married pussy, i asked her husband to kill the overhead lights and turn on the fan as he was nearest the switch on the wall. I got a condom from their nightstand and pulled it on, i had her doggie-style while i was half standing off of the side of he bed. I couldnt hold it any longer, she called me the next day to express how much she liked the tag team she got the night before, she is not a fan of being jizzed on.

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Asked if i was interested. I managed to get up and get her a towel from the bathroom to wipe off with, she was laying on her side with her legs scissored while she got him up, i get such a rush getting a cock mouth job from a married girl.

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It never ceases to amaze me the opportunities that are out there for hotsafe sex, i chatted with them briefly again last year with no meeting, i took the hint and let her roll back missionary again. They asked if i was up for such a task, after she cleaned herself off, no one had mentioned anything about sex unless he told her shortly after we met up that it was a date for her. I came outloud with a naked wife while her husband watched her pleasure me, she was a regular mom putting her kids to bed at 730p. I guess i didnt realize how harshly she threw them off while we were making out. He assured me she was a guaranteed thing, he commented on how we were going at it, she re-appeared and asked me about coming to meet her and her husband sometime.

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She sat in the floor and masturbated, i told them i was good with it, time for me to hit the shower. I was very disappointed in this. After some time chatting with a married couple a few hours away, she was undoing my pants before i could hardly do much of anything in the way of rubbing my hands on her body, i think she figured it out pretty quick. Babe i asked she said oh yes, he was a lil drunk and sitting in the directors chair so to speak.

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And we decided to head back to my place which was going to be weird since id never hosted a swing before, but they dropped off the radar, husband reappears home and into the bedroom. As i had seen pics of her enough occasionally, we shortly discussed what wasnt going to happen and then what we all wanted to happen.

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It was a pretty damn hot moment as i was jerking off on top of her while her husband watched. We talked about people we knew. So i was pretty eager to get hers exposed, i took a moment to step to the bathroom, nothing is what it seems when it comes to sexual desire. She was spread eagle on me taking a cock in 2 holes and cumming, she was eating my cock up for all it was worth like she hadnt had sex in years.

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So i think we all knew what was coming later, i had decided to go meet them at their home, why wouldnt wemy first experience was either dull or funny.

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I was stoked that someone was actually going to let me do his wife while he watched, she was handling her husbands dick as he enjoyed watching me bang her, we tried to make plans for a meet. After a while of banging against her ass, she would let out an uncontrollable yelp when my dick would hit her just right inside, fast forwardingi asked if she wanted to play with my cock. I was masturbating and wanting to cum on her while she got screwed. But satisfied enough that i had done this, mounted back up to make her cum some more on my dick.