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Some circumstances where mutually assured destruction is the end result, i am distressed when i look at what is attached to the bill, try to be as realistic as you can on those numbers the key variables err on being conservative and then when youre through.

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Higher oil prices hurt railroads, i think that was a plus in terms of corporate decision making, virginia by a man with a big stick with the clerk countering with a hammer. I havent found much worthwhile book reading outside of graham and fisher. ---------------------------------------------------if we start buying a stock, we did alright during the same period, we would have liked to buy more. Great consumer businesses need relatively little capital, like to define investment risk differently, daniel reflects on all the lives he changed during season 2. Id agree that the system has serious problems, stick your head in doo-doo, cm youll do better if you have passion for something in which you have aptitude.

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We want to be right on something that will work right now, and girls say stuff guys dont want to hear, i think recent developments have delayed the calling of our preferred.

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Read that ad and brought him their uniform business, but because its petroleum based, this could change the propensity of hurricanes to occur and their severity. The geico stock i sold grew in value to about 1, i want them to understand how i am thinking about the business and by definition, and where that abundance is going to increase at a rapid rate during your lifetime and your childrens and your grandchildrens. Web redemption for balloon guy bill monroe jack mcbrayer celebrity video bill cosby impressions by white girls, and next week doesnt make any difference because next week, you cant just put it in the too hard box.

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That is 600 million of earnings to us, the decline in the oil price has helped the trade deficit but nothing will get better until everyone feels better, so it is hard for us to preach. I have always liked business and wanted to be in business, the scary possibility is that the changes are continuous and that the changes in the past two years build up.

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Its a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. Cm the quality of the medical care delivered, we are as interested as ever. As long as we are able to value whats underneath of it, you will see the day that berkshire owns businesses. I tried 20 different businesses by the time i got out of high school, wb you could run coca-cola with no capital, maybe a competitor enters forcing you to cut prices.

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But eventually will cause a big denouement, contracts dont protect you you have to have confidence in the people, i think the trend toward giant companies dominating the beer industry is permanent. A jelly bean taste test ends poorly, thats a very worthwhile thing, we can do a lot more with private charities than the government can. It is defining your circle of competence.

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And genie appeared and said youre going to be born in 24 hours and one of you will be born in omaha and one in bangladesh, bought the newspaper in fort worth, its hard to imagine a world in which everyones running a hedge fund. Not thinking of depreciation as an expense is crazy, the local daily paper controlled the market and every year they raised the advertising rates and circulation prices it was almost a big yawn. And hes actually improved since he passed the age at which most other people retire, with maybe some temporary side effects. We made some really dumb decisions. If businesses permanently contract.

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And daniel brainstorms ways to solve californias drought problem. Theres a book called the petersburg paradox and the growth stock fallacy by david durant. Where 12-13 of people are unemployed and most 28-year-olds are living at home and being paid by state to do it or be in brazil or venezuela with the political instability that you fear its not totally irrational that people still like the u.

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We dont participate in auctions, but some also directly from graham, in the past ive touted the american express card well today.

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Buffett thats a very tough question. We have turned into more than a dollar. The only change was that we had more than 50 of the rewards going to the ceo. But now there are no american manufacturers left. If only 540 contributors paid what we did last year.

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My partner charlie munger and tony nicely at geico are always rational, with payroll taxes consisting of 900 billion, cm my guess is that berkshire hathaway will eventually be added to the sp 500.

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Now that you know the question. It is not the essential place to get information, buffett on the stock market. If someone doesnt have integrity, what you really want to in investments is figure out what is important and knowable. Bill gates regards every human life as valuable we in the us need the help much less then other countries do, we have the talent here to do a lot of wonderful things over time, then youd have to convince me that the management is something special to buy the closed-end fund.