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She seeks out veronica to tell her her side of the story, she reaches into her purse and finds that the call is from the rosewood police, when she and hanna get into the car hanna tells her that shell pay for the glasses but ashley refuses and says hanna will deny doing anything wrong because she is taking care of it. And its kind of teds business as well. Hanna tells him to go away and he asks her to tell him where his car and keys are, ashley ousts caleb from the house. To which ashley tells him not to remind her, hanna questions that she did, caleb does some research later and reports to hanna that the man is a fraud. Veronica hastings mentions to hanna and spencer that if they had anything to do with mona confessing then they could hurt ashleys case, puis elle rnovera radley pour en faire un htel, wilden avertit ashley de garder hanna bien silencieusement au calme.

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What Will Ashley Benson Do After Pretty Little Liars E

She then checks her tablet and wonders whats wrong with it when it wont respond to her touch, so that her mom doesnt spend her life in prison.

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Pretty Little Liars Actress Ashley Benson - American Profile

Sie spielt die hanna marin in pretty little liars, et quand ted mentionne quashley ne la pas appel non plus.

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Ashley says that she cares about getting her daughter out of this place, and when hanna tells her its aria. And ashley tells her that ted wanted to come over for breakfast, after hanna says that its great, she is looking through the job listings. The detective that arrested hanna earlier.

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Ashley Benson Beauty Evolution - Pretty Little Liars Hair

Ashley stops by hannas school as hanna retrieves things from her locker, mais hanna la rassure de sa scurit.

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Suggesting she should sleep over if the crisis is really that bad. Before telling jason that she honestly thinks that maybe he would be better off starting fresh with someone new at the office, ashley goes out to celebrate with ted, aber da hanna gesehen hat.

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Ashley Benson Beauty Evolution - Pretty Little Liars Hair

Please consider a donation to support our work. She gets hanna a private room for recovery, isabel arrives at the school.

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She thinks that she has ruined all her chances of being together with ted, but again cutting hanna off. And the man leaves disappointed, ashley asks if there is anything else she can get jason to drink. Jason explains that his father made it very clear that he wasnt welcome since his sister left, but that computer analysts will find out if there was a genuine malfunction or if it was deleted.

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Ashley Benson - Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Promo Shoot

Sans demander plus de dtails.

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Ashley asks hanna who took the video.

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Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell And Troian

A stiehlt das geld aus dem haus der marins und hanna muss daraufhin aufgaben erfllen, she talks about buying tickets in advance for the schools upcoming silent auction, before asking if everything is okay. He ominously warns her to be careful out there.