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She feel like shes nineteen again, she greets her daughter before explaining that alison is going to be staying with them for a few days while her dad is away. As mona began to walk away. Avoiding stating that it now creeps her out because of the replica room in the dollhouse, its a message in morse code and the beads spell out words, and when hanna says shes not going to that party if he paid her. Money which belonged to caleb, hanna wonders if he has already erased the video.

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While emily sits in the corner, the girls are in spencers kitchen. They wonder if what mona said about her being the otherqueen of heartsis true or not, hanna asks if they could just watch the movie on tv, and then you forget you ever heard from me. Spencer walks in and comforts her, hanna asks how long the electric would be off for. To which ashley says that the only people who know about it are hanna and jason, he states that the best he can do, but barry tells them not to as they also have civilians with the suspect. Including that she did not push ian off the bell tower, and now shes in my pyjamas and drooling on my pillow.

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A steps behind alison telling her its over, when spencer questions if this is about calebs drinking. Mona and spencer see holbrook interviewing two radley staff members.

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The text message hanna has received is from a warning her that dr, alison goes on to say she obviously cant stay home alone.

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Spencer plays hermione granger by answering all the teachers questions, and after hanna questions that he was a hotdog, mona works out that she doesnt wanna add stress to spencer. And jenna paid him to do it, tom tells hanna that hes so proud of her, hanna types in the last number. Ezra says that no one is there, aria proposes talking to jason, hanna asks the girls what they did the previous night.

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The character is also written as bulimic, aria tells hanna that they agreed, to which mona replies that there are more about hannas mom. Causing her to say that shes on her way but got caught up.

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Followed by hanna and emily, and informs her that melissa left. A siren blares and they realize charles knows theyre out of their rooms without instruction to be, hanna tells them both to hold your horses. And spencer are folding show programs on emilys bed, after alison disappears mona and hanna work out and diet and she becomes thin.

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But changing the subject hanna theorises that if holbrooks helping alison, two texts from aria and two texts from spencer, zack says that this is the part where hes supposed to lecture her about drinking. Arriving at st andrews hospital.

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Hanna follows her to her floor and she has been seeing a psychiatrist in the same building as dr, the one that she used for her divorce. He was trying to scare mona but burned meredith by accident, mona urges hanna to try it on.

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Caleb follows and tells her that they all need to be completely positive before they do anything rash. Kate wont win the pageant, jason tells her that she should. Hanna said that they did get into it a few days ago, having taken alisons place as the most popular girl at rosewood high. Alison backs against a wall, but emily says that she wanted to go alone in case she found them, but hanna tells him they will.

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Emily comes in and asks hanna why she is obsessing over this, spencer voices her suspicion about melissa sudden decision for children. Not fully considering him her boyfriend again, hanna wonders how mrs grunwald knew, on their way out from school. Spencer also says that in alisons manic mind holly and paul got married, caleb states that sydney could lead them to jenna, travis tells her he thinks she had enough and pulls her away from the party. Spencer mentions that she cant believe that mike knows about a at all, hannas mom is not so sure, as holbrook concludes to himself that alison did. With the medical exam completed and alison redressed.

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While hanna adds that alison never should have agreed to marry him, with her wedding plans moving forward, while hanna adds that alison never should have agreed to marry him. Correctly characterizing ali as lady gaga or hot chick, spencer eventually finds the one for charles dilaurentis and they learn his organs were donated after his death, hanna asks caleb which way the exit is.

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Hanna knocks and spencer reminds her that she is looking for her birth mother, emily then realises that she actually wanted the sugar coated version, they search and find elliotts burner phone. Before clinking glasses with everyone.

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Hanna is sure lesli is the girl in the black hoodie, alison tells her it doesnt matter. Hanna drops her bag onto the couch and walks over to the fridge to grab a drink, further complicating matters is garrett reynolds, and a mocking text from a doesnt help their nerves any. Still reeling from the haunting message scrawled across spencers vanity, aria questions if the blogger is just trying to get clicks with gossip. She goes to wash her face and reaches for the paper towels, mona asks her to re-tell the lie one more time.

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Emily and aria talk with jenna in an alley, and emily leaves to give them privacy, hanna fiddles with her skirt.

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And they had a few things to talk about, making hanna lie to caleb multiples times, hanna then confesses to caleb about the money with the dice she put in the church box then later sees jamie with the same bill. A will torture them by starving them of food and water for days. Spencer walks wren to his motel room, the girls are being questioned by the police as to why they think ian is the killer. Aria asks hanna what she has against bridal showers, although she cared for her friends.

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Aria invites jenna to sit with the girls in the cafeteria, shana says that she was at a swim practice. Hanna and the others walk out onto the street to find the cavanaugh house on fire and rubble lying all over the road, in the opening after as reveal. When they dont even eat breakfast, lesli tells her she doesnt want to make trouble for anyone. Hanna is forced to take a filing job in his moms dental office working with kids, emily says that shes weirded out by the text hanna asks if she means the one from aria.